Policy Briefs

Since I started working at the Egmont Institute for International Relations I have written a number of policy briefs, which are open access. You find all of them on this page: https://www.egmontinstitute.be/staff/nina-wilen/


You can also find additional policy briefs for other organizations on different topics below:

Wilén Nina, Democracy in Africa: “What space for women in African peace agreements?”, 2 February 2023, available here.

Wilén Nina, Kennes, Erik, Institut Montaigne: “Multi-Layered Violence in the DRC: Is History Repeating Itself?”, 27 January 2023, available here.

Wilén, Nina, Le Rubicon: “L’Afrique dans le grand jeu mondial”, 11 January 2023, available here.

Wilén, Nina, Heinecken, Lindy, “Women now make up almost 24 percent of South Africa’s military. Why aren’t they treated equally?”. Monkey Cage, Washington Post, 1 August 2018, available here.

Wilén, Nina, Ingelaere, Bert, “War-torn Congo has been called the ‘rape capital of the world.’ Here is how fighters think about sexual violence”. Monkey Cage, Washington Post, 31 August 2017, available here.