Current research

I am mainly working in the discipline of International Relations with an emphasis on issues of peace and conflict. The bulk of my research focuses on post-conflict reconstruction and statebuilding, ranging from the interpretation of sovereignty during stabilizing interventions to security sector reform. Recently, I have become more interested in gender studies in the peace and conflict field and therefore a great deal of my recent work has been framed by questions related to gender and security aspects.

My current research focuses on the military institution’s internal relations, thus related to military sociology, the military’s functions and roles on the domestic arena and and the army as a peace building actor, both internationally and domestically. I have also an interest in the composition of the army – who is included and excluded, which ties into gender and diversity studies. Geographically, I  have been looking at the army’s role in Burundi, Rwanda and South Africa and lately I’ve expanded my research to the Sahel region, more particularly to Niger. Field research and interviews are therefore essential to my research.

The following is a list of links to organisations related to my areas of research: