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RECENTLY PUBLISHED: Together with Bert Ingelaere, I have written an article on how ex-combatants in the DRC make sense of sexual violence by analysing over 100 interviews with former rebels. The article was published in Journal of Contemporary African Studies in April and can be read here.

RECENTLY PUBLISHED: How does peacekeeping deployment affect soldiers’ national military careers?  In this article, published in International Peacekeeping, I try to answer this question with Lindy Heinecken by examining interview findings from 50 soldiers in the South African Army. You can access it here.

My book: “Justifying Interventions in Africa” published with Palgrave Macmillan, is finally out in affordable paperback! It can be ordered here.

If you want to know a bit more about it before you buy/borrow/read all of it, I’ve written a blogpost about it on Democracy in Africa which can be read here.

I’m writing about the findings for my research on how to integrate former fighters into national armies in the Washington Post – you can read the article here.

I’ve also been writing about the Burundian crisis in several places including the Washington Post, World Politics Review and the Security Governance Group, all which you can find below:

“African Union Intervention Could Do More Harm than Good in Burundi” in World Politics Review

Burundi Crisis: The Military’s Central Role” at Centre for Security governance

“Is Burundi still a Credible Peacekeeper?” on the Monkey Cage Blog, Washington Post

“Burundi’s Crisis could spill over borders as rebellion grows” in World Politics Review

“Burundi’s Military Still Key to Stability amid Political Crisis” in World Politics Review



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